When doing business with a new company, and one you may have never heard
of before, it’s important to know who the people are that are making
things happen behind the scenes. Diamond Grilles is backed by three men
with impressive credentials in the performance and custom industry as
well as the business world.

    • Jim Davis – Managing Partner

      1. Original creator and editor of Super Stock Magazine and Stock Car Racing Magazine.
      2. Owner of Jim Davis Productions, a full-service ad agency serving over
      40 clients in the performance industry. (Hurst, Hooker, Mr.
      Gasket, B&M, Sig Erson, Cyclone, etc.)
      3. President of B&M Racing & Performance Products for 18 years.
      4. President of Russell Performance Products for 2 years.
      5. Chief Operating Officer of Professional Products for 15 years.
      6. Member of the SEMA Board of Directors for 13 years.
      7. Chairman of the Board of SEMA for 4 years.
      8. SEMA* and PWA** Person of the Year.
      9. Education – General Motors Institute & UCLA Graduate School of Management

    • Chris Myer – Partner

      Chris is a business leader with decades of experience in the automotive performance retail market.

      An engineer by training, Chris was an early adopter of eCommerce, founding the first auto parts business on the Internet and one of the first
      eCommerce businesses of any kind.

      He currently leads multiple established businesses including EFI System Pro, a premier retailer of fuel injection systems.  

      He is retired from 34 years of service in the US Army National Guard and
      Reserve. Chris and his wife make their home in the Space Coast of

    • Scott Easterling – Partner

      Scott Easterling has been a car enthusiast going all the way back to 5th grade when some teenage friends took him to see American Graffiti.

      With over 30 years of experience in the consumer products business, and over 20 patents for various products, he brings to Diamond Grilles a wealth of knowledge and experience helpful in the day-to-day operations of the